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Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and even though its a day after, I feel its worth putting together a list of things we can do to avoid and fight depression. While I will explain the science behind depression in another blog, this blog serves as a checklist for people currently fighting depression, or want to prevent it or want to keep a list ready on how to keep a list of things ready with you. Please do share this with people in need as this could be vital to them.

Depression and anxiety are related and have similar root causes. They could have any symptoms depending upon how a person perceives them, responds to them, how people around him or her treating them, work pressure, stigmas they have in life and how they perceive them and much more. It’s difficult for me to pin it down because literally everything can be perceived by anybody in any way comprehensible and hence the possibilities are endless.

However, there is always two things at play which can pin down depression and anxiety: Stress and Nutrition.

Let’s break down stress. In many cases of prolonged fatigue, people start believing they have depression, but in reality its just chronic fatigue. You need to really take care of fatigue levels by frequently taking vacations or break from whatever is causing you stress. It could be work or anything else.

However, in many cases, it really becomes depression. This could be due to prolonged stress, lack of sleep, lack of a nutritious diet, increased consumption of depression causing foods because of a busy lifestyle and too much work/pressure.

As a general rule, try to avoid people who stress you out and try to do things and meet people who make you happy. This doesn’t sound like a lot but in the long run, really helps you put blinders on to negativity around you and you bringing the sunshine in others.

To avoid stress, one of the easiest things you can do is stop watching news. It would be a tremendous favor to yourself if you can exercise that. I am here not going to speak about the reasons but we all have experienced the levels of stress rising after watching the news.

Second, nutrition. Nutrition is physiologically, mentally and psychologically critical for curing depression and preventing it as well. However, modern diet and lifestyle are designed in a way that more people fall victim to the darkness and blues. So what should we do.

What happens is after a prolonged exposure to poor diet, we do not get enough SEROTONIN and DOPAMINE, the two pleasure hormones secreted.

We NEED them to stay chirpy.

So what are the foods you MUST have.

  1. Let’s stop depression further. Please quit sugar, it causes depression and addiction. Please read my blog on why is it difficult to quit sugar, it’s all explained there in great detail. You can find the link here.
  2. Now we talk about what to start taking in terms of foods and what to do to avoid and fight depression.

Foods: Leafy greens (mainly cruciferous vegetables), fish, fortified dairy (ghee, paneer, kefir, amasi would be examples of how you fortify a dairy, milk-not so much), avocados, coconuts, chocolates, and nutritional yeast for vegans who can’t consume dairy would be some of the best foods you could be consuming.

Herbs: Tulsi (holy basil), oregano, oregano oil (very potent), turmeric, cloves, black pepper, saffron (even though not a herb but putting it here).

Supplements: Fish oil, ashwagandha, brahmi, tulsi, jatamansi and guduchi would be extremely helpful.

Indirect mechanism (these foods have anti-oxidants, which boost energy, supply you with the will to do things): Gojiberries, cranberries, jamun berries, blueberries, milk thistle seeds.

Seeds: Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, basil seeds would be the most potent seeds for treating depression. So would sesame seeds.

Oils: Avocado oil and sesame oil in addition to coconut oil would be idea.

Essential oils: Lavender oil, bergamot oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil and grapeseed oil.

Activities which you can do: Exercise, getting in the sun (gives you vitamin D but you need fats to convert it to active form, so ghee and fortified dairy and seeds again in addition to sunlight), yoga, meditation, listening to music, meeting loved ones, SLEEP and naps, reducing stress.

Another very important factor: Talking and asking for support is something critical. Even though the world might seem stupid, emotionless and fast paced and you standing alone, there are always people like you going through the same thing or who have gone through the same emotions. Talking about it and asking for support is something we should encourage and practice. If you want to reach out, I am here to help. You can reach me on 7045647489 or

This would be a checklist of what to do. I purposefully avoided the science behind depression in this blog because if someone is going through it currently, they do not want to read the science right now, but knowing what to do could make it easy for them.

Please leave a comment to discuss further in detail.