Lemongrass oil: Nature’s Healer

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Today I am going to list the benefits of lemongrass oil. As many of you know I recently sourced some high quality products and decided to share them with fellow health enthusiasts. And I felt with the help of these blogs the users could benefit. You can read my blog on wheatgrass here. However, this blog is good for anyone wanting to learn about lemongrass oil.

What is lemongrass oil?

Lemongrass oil is the essential oil extracted from lemongrass; a common plantation in South East Asia and other Asian counterparts. It’s name originates from the resemblance of plant’s aroma to that of lemons. We know of this mainly as an oil for diffuser lamps but pure lemongrass oil is perfectly safe for internal consumption.

What are the benefits of lemongrass?

  1. Inhibits bacterial growth (great for gut issues, infections, skin infections etc)
  2. Brings down fever.  (antipyretic)
  3. Is pain relieving in nature (analgesic) and is excellent to consume during symptoms of pain (injury, menstrual cramps, workout soreness etc)
  4. Because of its analgesic properties, lemongrass is amazing for inflammatory conditions.
  5. It is effective in pain management of the joints and also acts as a muscle relaxant.
  6. Because of anti inflammatory effects, lemongrass is perfect for stomach ulcer conditions.
  7. It has astringent (toning) effects and is an excellent ingredient for facepacks and hair products.
  8. Aids in digestion and is an amazing food for digestion issues (constipation and diarrhoea)
  9. Lemongrass is a diuretic and helps in flushing out the toxins.
  10. Because of its effects in the gut, relieving pain and digestive issues, lemongrass oil is also a great anti depressant and used internally or externally, is very helpful in treating depression.
  11. Because of anti depression effects, lemongrass oil will also help in reducing anxiety, calming the user down and inducing sleep.

How to use pure lemongrass oil?

It’s worth mentioning that pure lemongrass oil can be used both internally and externally. I am listing some ways of using it below:

  1. A drop can be used in diffuser lamps to spread the aroma in the room for relaxation and creating a clean, positive environment.
  2. A drop can be mixed in pain killer oils to apply over the affected area (for example, during workout recovery)
  3. A drop can be mixed in massage oils to massage over the whole body.
  4. A drop can be put in about 1 litre of kombucha tea to prepare a lemongrass kombucha tea.
  5. A drop can be put in about 500g of vegetable smoothies (kale, spinach, arugula, beetroot etc)
  6. A drop can be put in about 500mL of Indian milk chai or black tea.
  7. A drop can be put while consuming wheatgrass and/or barleygrass on an empty stomach in the morning.

Caution points:

  1. Pure lemongrass oil is very potent (the yield of oil from the crops is about 0.5 per cent. One drop of pure lemongrass oil (which would be less than 1mL) is more than sufficient for a person to consume in a day internally or externally.
  2. Your body might take a day or two to adjust to the lemongrass oil in terms of digestion.
  3. Do not overdo on pure lemongrass oil as it is very potent.
  4. Do not apply lemongrass oil directly to the skin. Always dilute in other oils.
  5. Some people might develop skin rashes after application and hence always begin with smaller doses (higher dilution)
  6. A healthy diet rich in vegetables and devoid of sugar is the foundation for any health product to work. For better results, please consume pure lemongrass oil with the combination of these. Also, share with such people who are in a position to make the most of this high quality product. Any health product is no match for a healthy diet and can only supplement the current lifestyle. (What does it mean? It could mean a person hooked up on sugar might experience the body rejecting lemongrass oil  because their body is not used to its goodness)

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