Sattvic Foods: A Review

Today I write to inform about another health brand – Sattvic Foods. It’s a Goa based company dealing in organic domestic and exotic health foods and other health products. While researching for some ‘difficult to find’ products I came across their website, and was impressed with their unique range of products.

Initial opinions were mixed as some of the products were out of stock and the only mode of payment is pay in advance (No cash on delivery) as they want only serious customers to buy. However, for any person into healthy products, they would know that most such companies are small scale and sometimes, you have to trust on them as they do not have the capacity of dealing with fraud/fake customers. I understand this and decided to buy few items -Carob Powder, Rhassoul Clay Powder, Bentonite Clay Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt and Activated Charcoal.

Sattvic Carob Powder: It is a Mediterranean pod powder similar to cocoa but with a more nutty, almost earthy flavour. It is less bitter than cacao derivates (cacao, cocoa, chocolate) and has no caffeine, and hence ideal for keeping adrenals in control. (It is a known fact that too much caffeine will over-stimulate the adrenal glands, and disturb your sleep pattern and hormonal balance). Please see the small video by Dr. Eric Berg below to understand how excess caffeine consumption can create hormonal imbalance.

Carob powder is also a good secondary source of minerals like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Riboflavin and Niacin and low in sodium which is ideally you want. Sodium is a hypertensive mineral, and we need less of it as modern diet has too much sodium. On the contrary, calcium, magnesium and potassium are calming minerals and we need more of it because modern diets (and hence most of the population) are potassium deficient and we need about 5000 milligrams of potassium everyday. Please refer to the link below to learn the importance of potassium and its vital role in human life.

The Sattvic Carob Powder is very high in quality, tastes pure and has great use in baking any chocolate/coffee based product (My wife baked a ketogenic cake with this and it tasted delicious. Carob personally felt like a bridge between chocolate and coffee and in my opinion, Sattvic Carob is a victory purchase for bakers and healthy eaters. I purchased a 250 gram pack for INR 300 which is comparable with Hershey’s cocoa (INR 250 for 200 gram). For the quality, I think this is a better choice as Hershey’s cocoa is far more processed.


Sattvic Foods Raw Carob Powder


Bentonite Clay Powder: Bentonite Clay Powder is a ‘miracle powder’ which gets negatively charged upon getting in contact with water. This negative charged nature helps adsorb/bond more kinds of dirt, toxins, impurities, heavy metals, chemicals than soap on skin and help cleanse the skin. Hence, bentonite clay powder finds use in cleansing, dermatitis, bathing soaks, toothpastes (external uses). As you can see the applications indicate a relaxed you  after using bentonite clay. Being rich in minerals, Bentonite clay powder is also used for cleansing the digestive tract and as mineral supplement, but Sattvic Foods Bentonite clay is used for external use only (My assumption as they have not mentioned whether its safe for internal consumption).

I used bentonite clay powder for facepack, and added charcoal powder and rhassoul powder as well. The result was very effective and more surprising than I expected. This was a new concept for me and in my opinion, using natural clay without any additives is extremely safe for skin and most reliable as this product is 100 percent natural. I also found this particular product to be quite affordable as you can maximize the number of uses by being creative. At INR600 for a 450 gram pack, this surely is going to keep me clean and relaxed for a while.


Sattvic Foods Bentonite Clay Powder

Below are pics of some samples I received. For each INR500 spent, you have the option of choosing a free sample. I chose the following three (Goji berries, sundried tomatoes and acacia powder) and Sattvic were kind enough to provide me the fourth one upon my request (cacao).

Sattvic Foods Free Samples – Acacia Fiber, Goji Berries, Cacao Powder, Sun Dried Tomatoes

As they were small quantities samples, I got to use them only once but I was impressed by their Goji berries. They are rich in flavour. However, the winner was raw cacao powder. Raw cacao powder is unprocessed and hence far better than the commercially available cocoa powder, which has lost most of antioxidants and many nutrients. Of the four free samples, I would buy raw cacao powder the next time as it works excellently in baking (also keto friendly). My wife baked a cake using this, carob and cocoa and the result was a delicious low carb cake. Please take a moment to appreciate the beautiful cake below:




Sattvic Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is known for its adsorbent  properties which make it a great detoxifier. Charcoal fortified with either a gas or an activating agent increase the surface area of the charcoal, making it ‘activated’. This activated charcoal will have better adsorption and spread ability.  Traditionally given internally for cases of poisoning, it is finding use in derma care products. Because of its nature, it is of key importance in cleansing skin and teeth. Sattvic Activated Charcoal fulfills the promises and delivers high quality at an affordable price.

Sattvic Foods – Activated Charcoal


Summary: Sattvic has a wide range of products which is a package because till now such products were either difficult to source in India, or were too expensive or had questionable quality. I have used this product (and few more for which a separate blog is required) and even though some felt a bit costly, their utility and the number of times they could be used (probably because of their purity) makes them worth buying.

Note: I am not associated with Sattvic in any way and these views are my personal opinions.