Trikaya Agriculture: My Review

In my pursuit of achieving a holistic healthier state which includes getting healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically, I decided to omit my unhealthy habits September 2016 and took up the ketogenic diet. A very close friend pitched the idea of him about to do it and I felt I might also give it a try. From what I was told and from general “buzz” about this diet, I understood that I am supposed to NOT have any carbohydrates (or not more than 20g a day for sure) and survive on a high fat diet. In retrospect, it would have massively helped me if I (and many others trying to get healthy, lose weight, and get those cuts showing!) had known better. That is because in addition to providing tonnes of enzymes to digest those fats (and by helping produce bile), green vegetables also have loads of potassium, a mineral crucial for health (and thus, weight) and  reducing an epidemic, insulin resistance. When you are losing weight through ketosis, a lot of triglycerides are released in body which can give you ketoacidosis and a fatty liver. Green vegetables also help you flush those toxins and prevent these conditions. (please see video below)

As I read more and more (special thanks to Dr. Eric Berg), I found out we need about 300g of vegetables everyday for maintenance of ideal healthy state (and of course in that journey you will lose weight). Please see video below.

The day I started consuming those vegetables in addition to a ketogenic diet, my results changed massively! They say you hit a plateau in weight loss at a point and you just have to keep going. Though my plateau stages occured seldom, I conquered them with ease with my newfound (also foe turned into) friends. This is where Trikaya Agriculture played a crucial part in shaping my life.

In Mumbai finding fresh produce is always difficult (debatable but not entirely untrue). And it doesn’t have to be blamed entirely to supply chain but also to the fact that most people who work long hours do not get to shop properly (or have the comprehensive information about where and what to buy). And even though many e-commerce platforms have emerged, I have found them to be expensive and you lost quality control and they seem to be solving the purpose of special occassions (emergency or offers or when you are preoccupied with other stuff and can’t multitask). Because of my requirements of about 600 to 700 grams of vegetables (for a family of two), the problem of getting fresh produce was getting out of hand. The problem was not making frequent shopping trips, but the (un)availability of fresh stock on a consistent basis EVERYWHERE. This inconsistency occasionally made me unable to consume my daily quota of greens and being a roadblock in my journey (Do you know when your potassium levels are low, you are bound to crave sweets!) Please see video below.

This is when I wrote to Trikaya Agriculture a couple of weeks back regarding this, explaining my requirements (mainly what in the commercial circles in India is known as “exotic vegetables”) and health journey and they were kind enough to respond back. As it turns out, they have an option of purchasing in bulk for a threshold of billing amount (subject to your area of residence; for me it was INR 2500). They also have an extensive exotic range of vegetables which you usually do not find in supermarkets (swiss chard, rhubarb, keffir limes, keffir lime leaves etc). Moreover, the stock they have is really fresh, as it comes from their farm to their Mumbai warehouse.

A couple of days later I got my delivery and I was exhilarated at the freshness of it. Never have I bought a produce in Mumbai which is this fresh. I checked all the items and all of them were simply brilliant in terms of how they should be. It has been eight days since I got my supply and now I have tasted everything. Although everything tastes great, of special mention are rhubarb sticks, which are tart and juicy and work great for making a berry based compote; thai sweet basil which brings amazing flavour to stir fry dishes and asian soups, kale which has been my star for weight loss all these months, all salad leaves (swiss chard was just radiating green and reds and purple, a colour in natural foods that helps you get healthier), and red dragon fruit which just pops in your mouth with red juices and flavours. It was not too sweet, indicating the pure quality of the fruit and a reminder of good old days when  fruit was not always sweet and really a gamble during purchase (where did we go wrong? – GMO and watermelon in September)

Because reviewing all their products individually will be impractical, I am going to attach a picture of the receipt/bill, to give you guys an idea of their products and prices. I found them quite affordable. Although my bill came out to be around INR 4000, this stock is going to last about a month for me and my wife. The reasons for my bill to come at INR 4000 were three: First, I wanted to try many new things which I have never tasted and hence ordered more variety (might not do this always), second; I ordered some less frequently ordering items like oregano, thyme, basil, which I have dried at home to make powdered seasonings, and thirdly, there were some confusion regarding a couple of items where I indicated them as 50g and I received 500g. Although I had the option of returning those, I chose to not do so because of the freshness and quality. If you are into eating greens, I would predict a billing amount of close to INR3000 for a month of supply. It’s important to be smart about what to order to keep up with healthy eating.

To summarize my review about Trikaya, Go for it, for sure! You will thank me once you try their exotic range! Try as many products as you can. From their vibrant edible flowers which you can use in your green teas to their kaffir lime leaves which will take your soups to next level, all products are joy to your tastebuds. For someone who is looking for a ‘kitchen revolution’ or to step up their healthy eating game, this comes as a saviour (savoury-ier?; bad pun!) as most of their stock is also available in monsoons also. You can write to about your requirements and see if they can deliver to your city/location. From my experience and their response to the comments on their Facebook page, they seem quite forthcoming and approachable. To Trikaya, I would say you guys are doing a great job in bringing variety and maintaining an excellent cold supply chain to keep the produce fresh. Please keep a check on your prices and you can be a household name in India.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliations to Trikaya Agriculture or Dr. Eric Berg and have no monetary gain from this blog. These are my opinions only.

What I ordered from Trikaya


Edible flowers – I use these with hibiscus or berry green tea infusion for calming effect.


Radicchio – a bitter which brings punch in salads
Red dragonfruit – earthern delightful flavour, summers in your mouth!