ABC Farms Pune: My review


Last month I had a chance to visit the ABC farms at Pune. After ten months of losing weight the healthy way (20 kilos), I wanted to evolve the way I eat. Even though I believe Mumbai is a place in India where it is possible to source a range of healthy foods, I wanted to explore what other places in India have to offer. Hence, the reason for my visit.

I first went to their shop/dairy in camp, which is a combination of small outlet for their products, has a functioning dairy and seating for around 8 to 10 people who enjoy their lemsi (their unique lemon lassi-a bit sweet but tastes good) and kefir (unflavoured and strawberry are a couple which I remember-great energy boosters). At this store, I browsed through their hard and soft cheeses, various vinegar ranges, herbs and spices, grains and coconut jaggery. The person managing the till was very patient and dedicated towards his role (so was their server) who explained to me the nature of their product range along. While I was impressed at their range, more appealing to me were its prices which were VERY sensible considering what modern companies do today in the name of “healthy product range”!

My suggestion to ABC farms will be to continue with these price ranges and to promote themselves as ethical brand.

Here, I also learned that the ABC farms at Mundhwa (which also happens to be their head office) have a detailed range of products. So I went there.

ABC farms at Mundhwa (some people will say it is at Koregaon Park; which is just 100m away) is a collage of three differently themed restaurants/cafes, a nursery, a guest house open to public as hotel, and the head office/shop outlet of ABC farms products. Around here you will see rural/village ladies doing a lot of work that goes in the products of ABC farms. The place is a very rustic yet modern feel to it and you will immediately feel the mood elevation as you enter. For someone like me who had gone on a vacation and was looking for healthy products, this was a match in heaven.

I did a lot of purchasing at the farms and can review all products here, but that would take up a lot of space and repetition as (almost) all of their products are VERY high quality in nature. When I say high quality, I am talking about the freshness, the absence of preservatives, the taste and the change in flavour of the finished cooked food when you add their products. Of special mention are the feta cheese in olive oil (I use this when I roast vegetables, make a salad or with crepes), extra virgin coconut oil (very reasonably priced-I use this while making a homemade kefir smoothie), feta cheese(this fresh version of feta cheese is available on BigBasket which is where I got this from after returning home), smoked gouda (great snack to every meal if you are on a low carb diet or intermittent fasting-very rich, smoky flavour), coconut jaggery (a delight if you have never tasted coconut jaggery; I eat this on my cheat days) and spices (full in size, neat, rich in flavour). I felt their almond oil had gone a bit stale and I could have managed without it. However, the rest of items were definitely exceeded my expectations.

People who have gone on a prolonged healthy eating regime would appreciate the fact that evolving and keeping your plate new is a critical part if you want to stick to it (atleast this is the case with me!). And hence you need either new practices or new menu or both to ensure you stick to the process (people say mix fun with healthy eating. What if healthy eating IS the fun?!). Hence my need of procuring the healthiest of foods. And this trip was a huge step up in that direction for two reasons. Reason one: In a country like India where healthy foods should be available at a fair price (we are said to be an agriculture based nation and a milk producing nation), the reality of things is opposite to this. Most products are low quality, GMO, and or injection based (apologies for venting out and digressing!). Hence some companies which do sell genuine products put up a price tag which is almost idiotic to buy even metro people (fun fact to those companies: This generation you see in metro towns, have really come from small towns, and the buying behaviour just doesn’t change, hence your model might not be as sustainable as you think-again; apologies for digressing). This is why my visit to ABC farms was eye opening. Think about best quality products at discounted retail (if not distributor) prices. And reason two: I was able to evolve my eating habits even more. With the high quality fat based ingredients, it has now become too easy (really, too easy!) for me to maintain a ketogenic or sometimes a low carb diet. My kefir shakes have taken a huge step up, and my focus on other things has improved. Although admittedly its part me who has learned and devised ways to incorporate such foods in my diet, but I am just a regular guy in the kitchen which means for all the cooking experts and food connoisseurs out there, it will be even easier!

To summarize, I will say to everybody to try out ABC farms if you go to Pune. If you are a Pune resident and ever thought of trying new things, you HAVE to go there. ABC farms are carrying a well earned and deserved legacy. And to ABC farms I will say, please do not change your pricing models. They are catered for the masses of India. Also, your social media teams are doing a great job! Way to go, guys! Congratulations and all the best!


I have found that ABC Farms now have their products on the shelves at Frutique Bandra West. The prices are the same and stocks refill each week, keeping the products fresh. It’s a must try for anyone wanting to try their products in Mumbai.

Note: I have no affiliations to ABC farms or any such business and have no monetary or otherwise gain from this blog. These are my opinions only. IMG_20170603_145028[1].jpgIMG_20170714_145747[1].jpg